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Financial Planning

As financial advisors located in Jacksonville, FL, we specialize in financial planning. 

It all begins with our own educational client survey. Unlike most questionnaires that are really just sales tools, our survey, is designed to help you understand the really important choices you are making for your retirement years. You receive detailed information to review and solid feedback based on what you feel is most important to you, your own personal goals, and values! From there, we listen to you. 


Our first objective, is to understand your needs, your goals, and even your financial fears and frustrations so we can develop a comprehensive strategy uniquely designed for you. After we listen, we'll show you how we think you can best address your personal goals and then we'll listen some more. After, we build your own custom financial plan we set in motion: several internal processes to address your individual requirements. 


We will have many scheduled meetings the first year, and between two and four scheduled progress meetings every year afterwards to keep up with your ever changing life. If your situation requires additional meetings we will gladly meet with you as often as you need. 


We will update your planning to reflect the changes in your life. We understand that your needs change and some years will require substantial changes, while in other years we will update your assets and make sure we are not veering off track in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. 


Additionally, you will receive our weekly market commentary, monthly emails on timely planning information, quarterly updates on important financial topics: including strategic investment changes and personal seminars to keep you up to date. 

Please click below to view a demo of how our integrated planning system provides you the confidence you deserve. We aggregate all of your important financial information in a single safe encrypted internet access point, available to you anywhere in the world!

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